Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paying Almost $500 Less Monthly and Gaining Home Ownership, A Hobby and A New Love

Like many people these days, I have been struggling to not only make ends meet but just to have ends. I have over 100 job applications in. The days of deciding where I'd like to work are past. I just want a job, any job. Formally a professional writer, presently one month shy of panhandling.

A problem I was running into though was that I needed more then a job...I needed at least two to pay my monthly expenses. I live very frugally, drive a motorcycle to save gas and insurance, eat A LOT of tuna (mercury poisoning is less fatal then starvation) and pretty much have cut so many corners I don't have any left. Still I was looking at potentially living in someone's closet if something didn't change soon.

Then inspiration came in the voice of my dear friend Margie (aka my guardian angel I think sometimes). Financially savvy, her and her husband are 100% retired in these lean times. When she talks, I listen. And recently she was talking about an upcoming rv vacation, and listening has paid off big time.

Mentioning an rv spot cost them $250 a month, all utilities included meaning internet and cable TV also, a light bulb went off in my head. Why couldn't I do that permanently? Calling around, I found a park near where I live for $375 a month, internet, water and cable TV part of the deal. I pay electricity. Just that brings my total monthly expenses down by almost $500.

In addition I'm with in walking distance now of Walmart, a large Goodwill, a bakery and an old fashioned green grocer. I get a small yard I can fence off, access to a laundromat, an address with no apartment number and the pride of owning my own home. If I wanted a pet I could have one with no deposit or fuss. If I hadn't given up smoking I could now smoke in my own place.

Better quality of life, increased opportunity to save money and reduced monthly expenses as well as buying an investment that I can live in and enjoy. And the downsides are....

I'm SO glad I had my listening ears on! ^.^ See photos of my new home in my albums!


Melissa said...

Great find! What a neat living space, too!

Mary said...

What a great place, and such simplicity in living this way. Do you live in this air stream alone?

:Dandilyon said...

For now I am living there alone but there are plans for it to be a two people space shortly. Definately a simple lifestyle...clutter is not an option!

Mary said...

I love the idea of no clutter, and I admire you for taking such a dramatic step. Two people shouldn't be too bad in your airstream. I recently became an "empty nester" and my husband and I feel like we don't need half the space we have. Good luck!

:Dandilyon said...

Well, I hope you'll keep reading to see if we go crazy or not in such a small space, but I'm thinking cozy not crowded. It's all in the wording :P

I'm actually just now getting in there to get it ready, I got hit with the flu this past week and it was devasting. Swine Flu...they need to call it Hurricane Flu because that's what it felt like.

Still recovering, but I got some things done and should be posting progress by this week end.

Thx for reading ^.^

TieDyeKris said...

hows things going?
I hadn't thought about the walking distance convenience of walmart,good will, walgreens, ect....
are you staying warm? TDK