Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It seems like right now I am struggling with one of the biggest decisions of my life... my career. I have several paths that I could take, yet indecision keeps me planted.

One decision I'm considering is attending college at Embry-Riddle to get a bachelor's in Technical Management while majoring in Information Security. Computer work has been one of my greatest skills and it would seem only natural to pursue a career path doing what I'm good at.

However college is expensive and full of the unknown for me. I once discouraged my husband from continuing his college education since he was failing and we were several thousand in debt from student loans. Any discussion concerning myself going to college quickly turns into a heated argument because of this.

On the flip side I can skip college and try to get a job... well... somewhere and work my way up into the positions I want. Make money on the way and avoid debt and problems with the spouse.

Lastly what I would like to do is work on a farm. I want to raise my own food and enjoy a relaxed life out in the country somewhere. I want to do a craft, not on the computer but with my hands. Something that I can be good at that other people have need for.

Finally something I've experimented around with is starting my own business and working with my family. I have a lot of skills and by myself I'm almost capable of running a one-girl business... with my family and all their many skills and talents behind me I know we could make some money. The only question of mine is what business would we start?

We have... Web design, graphics design, author/writing, videography/photography, cook/baker, gardener, gamer, youtuber and social media specialist, public relations, salesman, editor, newspaper/media, marketing, flash game design, singer, networking... many of these skills are universal to any business. With Shh a broad range of skills in our family... what would we do as a family business?

I'm hoping that writing this article will help me sort out the jumbled thoughts in my head. Already I think I like the idea of starting a business but need money now. Business' take years to develop before they begin earning any profit. I guess my next step will be to sit quietly by myself and meditate with prayer. Hopefully this indecision will clear up soon and I'll get some purpose back into my life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Tie Crisis

My husband had a tie crisis today. In the early morning rush to work, he was frantically searching for a tie to match his deep blue dress shirt. Of course all the ones I suggested were turned down with a scoff... it should be obvious that the silver tie with blue stripes held a slight purple hue which would contrast badly with his navy blue apparel.

I wondered how many of his customers were actually going to be studying his color choices in clothing, but kept this comment to myself. The life of a Car Salesman is so difficult...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Fairy or Pixie Dust

So as I was surfing the web for cute craft ideas to do with my two little girls, I stumbled upon this recipe for the elusive and magical fairy dust of Pixie Hollow... or at least that's what the girls are calling it.

The recipe is quite simple and all the materials can be found at your local walmart or craft store.

You will need...

Glowsticks (pink or white preferable)
Diamond Glitter
Hot glue gun

Take your jar and pour some of your diamond glitter to about a third of the way full. Then take your scissors and cut off the end of your Glowsticks.

Pour in the liquid and then super glue the lid of your jar shut. (Safety first!) Shake it up really well and you have Pixie dust!

I haven't tried this craft yet with the girls but they're really excited to make it themselves. Have a magical weekend!