Monday, September 29, 2014

Caffeine Extreme

It doesn't matter who you are, nearly everyone starts to feel exhaustion set in after driving on the road for 14 hours with nothing but the same trees passing by you after every mile. So when I stopped at a little gas station in Missouri, I was definitely starting to feel my eyelids droop.

I headed over to the coffee maker to grab a pick-me-up when I spotted a flavor at the far end of the machine. Next to names like "French Vanilla" and "Hot Chocolate" was a flavor that was handwritten in sharpie spelling, "Caffeine Extreme" and below it was scribbled "6x more powerful than a regular cup of coffee".

I still had 7-8 hours left on my drive and it was nearing midnight, so I thought I'd give it ago. I filled up my cup, paid and drove off a few minutes later. It only took me about 15 minutes to finish the entire cup and what came shortly after is a slightly hazy night that I will never forget. Word to the wise - When you have had nothing to eat all day and have already had two cups of coffee, more caffeine may not be the answer.

Within 45 minutes of finishing my cup, I recall rolling down the windows and screaming "Here's to never growing up" with the radio blasting as I sped down the interstate going  95 miles per hour. I had so much caffeine pumping through my system that I was actually waving my arms sporadically as I was driving to release the antsy, itchy feeling that I was getting. I felt like I just needed to RUN.

That single cup of coffee kept me awake (with a slight eye twitch) all the way from Missouri to Texas. By the time I neared Dallas, I could feel exhaustion wearing down on me but the caffeine seemed to glue my eyes open. I remember telling my Grandparents when I arrived "I'm not tired at all - I don't even feel a thing!" shortly before passing out in my dad's childhood room.

I had weird Star Wars dreams for the rest of the day.

Beware the "Caffeine Extreme"!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

There and Back Again...

Besides my shoulder spasming painfully and the awful feeling of nausea from an earlier coffee overdose, it's almost impossible to remember that only a few hours ago I was on my third twelve hour drive this month. I'm exhausted and possibly sick, but despite this I'm glad I got to go on this trip.

So for those of you who haven't been following my crazy adventure, during the month of September 2014 I drove a total of 2,100 miles in 38 hours from Florida to Illinois, Illinois to Texas and then Texas back to Florida. I just arrived at my house safely a few hours ago, and besides a very messy car, we made it out alright. (Although I'm going to have some major "cleaning out" time with the car tomorrow)

I made it home just in time for my 21st birthday, which is in a week. On this trip I have gotten lost in Nashville (Tennessee), Somewhere in Kentucky, St. Louis (Missouri) and Mobile (Alabama). My car has seen three mechanics, one for an oil change and then two due to bad, watered down gas messing up technical bits in my car. I've drank 11 cups of coffee (One called "Caffeine Extreme" which actually counted as 6 cups of coffee on its own) and I've traveled through more states than I can count.

I guess you could say I've seen the Midwest.

But I'll tell you all about it more tomorrow after I've gotten some rest. I'm exhausted and I'm sure tomorrow I'll have to go back over this and fix things I spelled or said wrong. 

Until tomorrow ~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Baking with Pillsbury and the kids!

Today I just got sent a coupon for "Pillsbury Melts Cookies". I never tried them before but they looked delish, so I headed off to Walmart to grab some. When I got there, I probably spent twenty minutes in the baking and cake mixes aisle trying to find the right kind. There were other cookies from Pillsbury but not the kind I was looking for. At first I thought that my small-town grocery store didn't care them but funnily enough, they're actually in the refrigerated section.

By the time I got home, my friend's daughter (who was going to help me bake) decided she wanted to make one batch of each kind for her mom who was just getting out of surgery. We heated up the oven, got out two cookie sheets and laid a piece of wax paper over both. The thing I love about these cookies is how easy they are to bake! Literally they're already pre-cut so you just pop them out of the package and put them on a cookie sheet!

Within 15 minutes we had two batches of steaming, gooey cookies. My friend's daughter helped me drizzle chocolate over them, which came in the package, and then we waited for them to cool.

They were a huge hit! We had them out on a plate for probably less time than it took to cook them. (Which is really fast!) Everyone loved the gooey vanilla and fudge centers and they were awesome with milk!

I'm definitely getting these again when Christmas rolls around. Every year I battle with my cooking supplies and make a huge mess in the kitchen because I want to make cookies for all my friend's families. I think this will make things so much easier and tastier. Now if only they made cake pops!

Someone already stole a few ;)

Find more gooey goodness at:

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

Paws in the Park

Yesterday Tobi and I got to go to the 11th annual festival in Greensville, IL called "Paws in the Park". There were dogs EVERYWHERE! My little dachshund is very friendly and not to long after we arrived, he was tugging me every which way trying to say hello.

Sadly we got there shortly after they stopped taking registrations for the contests, but we still had fun. (I still think Tobi would've won "Best Kisser") I took my friend's kids to get their faces painted, Tobi got a $10 nail clipping and they even gave Tobi a tattoo on his butt! He was scared at first because the spray they used to put on the tattoo reminded him of his squirt bottle at home, but with a little encouragement from the kids, he was loving it!

I think it turned out awesome!~

Afterwards I took my friend's kids to Edwardsville, IL to go lazer tagging and wander around the shopping mall with their friends before heading home. All in all, I say it was a successful outing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I'm just going to let this video do all the talking - It's absolutely gorgeous. Great Job Lindsey Stirling, you did it again! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Would-Be Amazon Review

Yesterday I read a really cute book called "What Did the Cat See?" and so, as I do with most books, I went to leave a nice review. This was my first review...

My daughter is going through the age where she is obsessed with all things feline so I thought this would be the perfect book for her. I've now had to read it to her 5 times this week and I'm almost positive that this is her new favorite book. Great Job Angela Yuriko Smith and keep up the good work!

I get an email from Amazon a few minutes later letting me know that my review was in violation of their guidelines and couldn't be posted. ...Okay? I re-read my review and Amazon's guidelines before deciding to try again, this time removing the Author's name so my review was only about the book.

My daughter is going through the age where she is obsessed with all things feline so I thought this would be the perfect book for her. I've now had to read it to her 5 times this week and I'm almost positive that this is her new favorite book.

I get the same email again a few minutes later...

A little frustrated, I completely dumb-down my review so there was no possible thing that could be violating their guidelines.

My daughter loved it. Keep up the good work!

Again I get an email... so now determined to leave a review - I try yet again, this time completely re-writing my review so that it's more like a mini-synopsis of the book rather than a review.

What a wonderful story! "What Did the Cat See?" is a walk alongside a curious cat that will have you looking at things in a whole new perspective. The pictures were really cute and my daughter absolutely loved it. I highly recommend this book.

Another email - Maybe they just have something against my daughter as if I was reading a children's book to myself?

What a wonderful story! "What Did the Cat See?" is a walk alongside a curious cat that will have you looking at things in a whole new perspective. The pictures were really cute - I highly recommend this book.

By the next email, I had given up. Sorry Angela Yuriko Smith that I can't tell you what I think of your book because somehow every review that I try to leave is inappropriate in some way.

So here is my review - What Did the Cat See is an awesome book listed on a very annoying site and not just that - Right now it's free! I really enjoyed reading this book to my daughter and it's probably her new favorite. Thank you so much and keep up the great work. You deserve every star that I would give you if my reviews weren't so scandalous.

Tobi, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

So last week I made the long trip from Florida to Illinois with my little dog, Tobi and what an experience that has been. Although when I was moving, I really only accounted for how much it was going to cost me to get up to Illinois... not how I was going to survive without a job when I got here.

The first rule to survival is you have to eat - So off to Publix I went. Luckily for me, Publix had some crazy coupons going around as part of their Flavor Excursion display. A lot of the coupons were for things I already loved to eat and so the savings began.

When I finished shopping - I couldn't believe it ---

I saved a $1 off Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrée
I got Green Giant Frozen Bag Steamers on sale
I saved $2 off my KRAFT Natural Chunk Cheeses
And another $2 off Publix® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
I also saved $1 off four cans of Chef Boyardee® canned pasta

Do you know what that means? I was going to have a feast tonight! I ate the Old El Paso for lunch but with the rest I made a nice meal of fried potatoes with chicken and Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes, topped with KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese - Yum!

This is going to be so tasty!

I couldn't believe it when I walked out of the store with a cartload of groceries and nearly half the cost! That's one less worry off my checklist as I begin my grand adventure into The Prairie State.

Be on the lookout for these exclusive savings at Publix starting September 11:

In-Store Savings

Coupons available in-store, look for the Flavor Excursion display with products at your local Publix. Display will be available in most stores between 9/11 and 9/24. Savings available with coupons:

•Save $2 off Publix® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts when you buy Any Four (4) participating products. Participating products: Progresso™ Bread Crumbs, 100% Natural Broths, Beans, KRAFT Salad Dressing (16oz), Natural Shredded Cheese (6-8oz), Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz or larger).

•Save $2 off Produce (minimum $2 purchase) when you buy Any Four (4) participating products*. Participating products: Old El Paso™ Seasoning Mixes, Enchilada Sauce, Refried Beans, Taco Shells, Ro*Tel® (10oz or larger), Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz or larger), KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese (6-8oz

•Save $1.00 off Any Five (5) Ro*Tel® Tomatoes (10oz)

•Save $2.00 off Any Two (2) KRAFT Natural Chunk Cheese 7-8 oz

•Save $1.00 off Any Five (5) Hunt’s® Tomatoes 14.5oz

•Save $1.00 off Any One (1) Bisquick™ 40oz

•Save $1.00 off Any One (1) Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrée

•Save $2.00 off Any Two (2) KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese 6-8oz

Looking for an Italian themed dessert? Try Crème Brulèe Cheesecake Bars, find the recipe and a $1.50 off any two Betty Crocker pouch Cookie Mixes coupon on the Betty Crocker display in-store.

Plus… find these items on sale this week. No coupon necessary, available at Publix:

•Green Giant Frozen Bag Steamers 11-12oz on BOGO

•Pillsbury Crescents and Pizza 3 for $6

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•Save $1 when you buy FOUR Progresso™ products

•Save $1 when you buy THREE Old El Paso™ products

•Save 75¢ when you buy ONE BOX Old El Paso® Bold Nacho Cheese Flavored Stand 'N Stuff® Taco Shells OR Dinner Kit

•Save $0.50 when you buy ONE 20 OZ. OR LARGER Original Bisquick® OR Bisquick Heart Smart® Baking Mix

•Save $0.60 when you buy THREE any variety Green Giant® Seasoned Steamers™ or Valley Fresh Steamers® Frozen Vegetables.

•Save $0.40 when you buy any TWO Pillsbury® Crescent Dinner Rolls

•Save $0.40 when you buy THREE CANS any size/variety Pillsbury® Refrigerated Grands!® or Grands! Jr.® Biscuits

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•Save $0.40 off any TWO (2) ROTEL® products

•Save $1 on any FOUR (4) Chef Boyardee® canned pasta or microwave cup

•Save $1 on any ONE (1) Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popping Corn (6-pk or larger)

•Save $0.50 on any ONE (1) Super Snack Pack® 6 pack

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.


So Amy and I recently went to the pet store to get some things for her daughter's bunnies and possibly a new harness for my little dog. (His keeps slipping) While we were there, the local shelter was adopting out animals. It wasn't long before Amy and her daughter that had accompanied us, had fallen in love with a large, 4 year old orange tabby.

His shelter name was "Thackery" and he had been living there since he was four months old. His story was just precious and all three of us soon fell in love with the older tom. Adoption papers were signed, carriers and cat food purchased... and soon we found ourselves riding home with a new furry friend.

As we pulled through the Starbucks drivethru to grab something to drink on the way home, we found ourselves trying to pick out a name for him.

"He was trapped in that shelter for so long with no one to take him home, what about Crookshanks?"

"I'm not sure, he looks like a lion."


"No, Mufasa! Oooh! Say it again!"



And so it went, trying to pick out a name for the cat who sat miserably in his cage yowling at us. He didn't seem like he was big on travel. By the time we got home, we had decided on "Mufasa". But not a few hours later, everyone seemed to have their own names for him.

"Come here little Timone!"

"No, it was Simba, remember?"

"Hold up - What happened to Mufasa?"

"Is it a girl? We should call her Nala!"

And so the Lion King references continued. Eventually I started to call him "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" as that seemed to fit him temporarily as everyone else tried to figure out what to call him. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is currently hiding in the bathroom as he tries to get used to his new surroundings. Maybe by the time he decides it's safe to come out, we'll know what to call him.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Magical Room

So the crazy thing about houses in Illinois, is they are built down not up. Instead of two story houses, the two story house is flipped upside down with stairs leading underground rather than up. That's a horrible explanation but we could just say everyone lives one floor under the ground.

They do this because when Tornadoes roll through, you're safe even if your sleeping in your bed. So really the only part of the house that's above ground is the kitchen, living room and one bathroom. I actually have a window with metal around it to keep the grass and dirt from falling over and blocking out the sunshine. I'll just show you...

But if that wasn't crazy enough, my entire room is pink... and filled with Harry Potter stuff! Yep, I'm living in an underground pink Harry Potter room... and I feel magical. My friend, Amy, is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and used to use this room to store her massive Harry Potter collection. Most of it has been moved to other rooms but I still have maps and magical paintings hanging all over my wall accented with dragons and three-headed dogs.

Excuse the mess... I'm still moving in.

After the trip I've had, I literally feel like I'm in Hogwarts. Being so far away from everything I've ever known has really been a magical experience for me... hopefully, though, I won't have any run-ins with Basilisks and Dementors during my journey.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Illinois Update #2

So this morning I woke up to a horrible calf cramp (one that has kept me limping all day) but besides that I've had a decent enough morning. Usually my mornings begin at 11am with Tobi whining at my door to wake me up. From there we take our usual morning walk, a tradition we have held through any state, and then I'll go home and refill his food and water.

The funniest thing that has happened here since I arrived is the Highland, Illinois teachers have gone on strike. Literally, no school or school activities until they get a 6% raise. Beyond that, my main focus has been trying to find a job. Moving to another state doesn't excuse you from paying things like credit card bills and car insurance.

I've been applying for everything from Carhop at Sonic to Registrar at the local hospital. A job is a job... My friend, Amy knows a guy who knows a guy who happens to be the manager at the local Walgreens, so we're trying to get me onboard with them.

The day before yesterday Amy took me to the local thrift store to get me some warm clothes and some boots since the temperature here has dropped to 49 degrees. I was shivering in my flip flops (which actually broke shortly after I arrived) listening to them talk about how nice the weather was right now, and just wait until winter comes. Apparently last year you couldn't stand outside longer than ten minutes unless you wanted to get frostbite because it was below 0.

Sounds perfect for the Florida girl.

Besides looking for a job and walking the dog, I haven't done much else since arriving. I miss my family tons... but one foot in front of the other. Hopefully before I know it I'll settle in.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Moving Day...

I'm to tired to get into the details of the last week, but on Monday I actually made the move from Florida to Illinois. I'm absolutely exhausted and everyone in my family is calling constantly to try and find out any news.

First thing I have to say is that driving across the country (or at least that's how it felt) ... is terrible. I've never driven farther than a 2 hour trip in my life and the drive I just finished was a whopping 14 hours. There was everything from fog to big cities, traffic jams to crazy drivers. I actually have blisters on my fingers from gripping the steering wheel so hard during my drive.

I left during the middle of the night so my little dachshund, Tobi, would sleep during the drive... and honestly I didn't think I would be able to get any sleep myself with how anxious I was to get the trip started. I was armed with a 4-pack of refrigerated coffee and crispy sushi-seaweed paper to keep me awake. Why crispy seaweed paper? Well my mother didn't want me to eat nuts or candy because she was worried I would have a sugar crash - So naturally the only option was Japanese seaweed squares. Yum!

Besides getting lost in Nashville and turned completely around in Kentucky, I think I made it alright and apparently made good time. If there's one thing I want to say about Illinois though, it's fricken freezing!

Right now in my little town back home, it's 80 degrees - Here in Illinois it's 50 and expected to go down as the night progresses. I come from a land where the temperature gage doesn't read below 70 degrees!

So now I'm exhausted and ready to pass out... so begins a new chapter of my and my little dog's life here in Illinois. I miss my family so much but I feel like this is the path I was supposed to follow. One day I might return to Florida, only time will tell.

Monday, September 8, 2014

P.A.W.S. got a virtual makeover!

So about every week or so I try to put up a post about some of the local dogs that are looking for a home and today I noticed one of my favorite animal shelters got a virtual makeover. After clicking over to I was surprised to see that after like five years (or maybe longer) they redesigned their website.

If you don't remember the old website (and I tried to see if I had a picture of it, but I don't), it didn't really do this wonderful shelter justice. I love the new layout and design of the website, especially all the cute paw prints everywhere - plus it's easier to navigate.

If you're looking for a furry friend and your in the Emerald Coast area, be sure to check them out!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Safety First!

'Really Mom?'

In case you haven't heard the horror stories about the highway known as "Bloody 98", we can just say that I live on a busy road. So busy in fact that my insurance jumped nearly $50 more a month after letting them know I moved. I have to drive down this road nearly every day, sometimes several times a day to work, shop and more importantly, take my little dog to all his appointments.

A lot of dogs spend most of their time at home, but Tobi is a very busy dog. He has trips to the vet, dates at the dog park or to visit my mother's dogs and even bi-weekly trips to the groomers to keep him smelling fresh and clean. However, all these trips take him down the dreaded "Bloody 98" where I pass a terrible car wreck at least once a day. Suddenly safety had become an issue for my little dachshund.

So while I was in the store one day, I spotted a "Doggy Seatbelt Harness". I honestly didn't know they existed before that day but I was willing to give it a shot. Well today I got to put the harness into action and it was pretty hilarious.

My dog just laid there like I was putting some terrible device on him that kept him from hopping in the front seat. He kept giving me this look like "Really mom? Is this even necessary?". I couldn't help but to burst out laughing when I finally got it secured on him and all he could do was flop over like he had been abused.

Although, driving with it had been a relief. I always worried about him when we did our doggy errands but now at least he was a little safer. The harness was padded and secured to the seatbelt so that if we went flying, he was tethered to something short and safe.

One more worry off my list!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Looking for a Furry Friend?

With the holidays just around the corner, I've heard more and more of my friends talking about getting their children or loved ones a pet. Life just isn't complete without puppy kisses and tail wags. If you're considering bringing home a furry friend, then look no further than

I used Petfinder to help me adopt both of my dogs, Tobi and Chief. It's an awesome tool that searches all the animal shelters in your local area at the click of a button. You can search by breed, gender and even age!

Once you've found the perfect pet, you can contact the shelter through the site or visit them in person. They have all the shelter's contact information visible for each pet's listing - You don't even have to register on the site which was a big thing for me.

So this holiday season, skip the pet stores and adopt your fur-ever friend! Chances are they've been waiting for you for a long time.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Character Sketches

Just some rough sketches for an idea my mother came up with last night. I won't ruin the surprise... but I think it's going to be awesome.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shopping for a Salesman

Did you know that your tie is the most important part of your wardrobe? Well, it is for my husband at least. Whenever I go shopping, I always have to be on the lookout for interesting and unique ties.

At first this was really difficult. When your husband just lands a career in car sales, you might not know that things like sports-team themed ties and cute hand drawn by children ties are off limits. (If he wears a Kansas City Chiefs tie and his customer is a Broncos Fan, he might not buy from him.)

Luckily, our local thrift store is usually flooded with ties and actually has a deal that you can buy ten ties for a dollar. Less than ten, though, and its a dollar per tie. Because of this, I usually come home with a bag full of ties at least once every few weeks.

At first 9/10 ties would have to be re-donated because I "picked ties only old men would wear". Apparently groovy peacock patterned ties that reminded me of my grandmother's carpet were out of style.

Today I came home with my usual bundle of ten, though, and apparently hit the home run of... well I did good. He seemed very enthusiastic about 8/10 of my tie choices with only one of the "no good" ones being a flat out "NO!". (Green tie with little stick figures golfing and waving their hands - I thought it was cute!)

Maybe next time I go to the thrift store, I wont have to bring back any loads of bad choice ties. Although even so, ten ties for a dollar is still a steal of a deal.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When you are a mother...

After several complaints from my husband, I finally moved my office up into the loft. I have a problem with working late nights and my pitter-patter on the keyboard keeps him awake. Tonight was my first night in the "new" office and I excitedly began what I had hoped would be a efficient night of no interruptions.

However, less than five minutes of climbing the ladder and turning on my computer... I hear a soft whimpering sound coming from the world below me. I peek over the edge to see our miniature dachshund, Tobi, frantically walking in circles in front of the ladder.

He wasn't being very loud, so I took a deep breath and told myself he would calm down in a few minutes... back to working. Five more minutes passed and I heard a squeaking noise, he now had his paws up on the first step of the ladder and he was looking helplessly up at the loft. "Give him a few more minutes and he'll be fine..." I told myself once again.

I let this continue for about another ten minutes before I finally gave up and climbed down the ladder. Immediately he started darting about the house like I had been gone for days, hopping up and down off the couch and skidding off into my room. I followed him before scooping him up in my arms. He got cuddles and coos before I tucked him into bed alongside my husband, laying the comforter over him as he liked to burrow.

I waited in silence for him to lay down before a little head popped up from underneath the blankets, curious eyes watching to see if I was also going to bed. I shook my head before laying the covers over him again only to have him pop out again, this time putting his paws up on my legs as if he were trying to tug me down. I tucked him in again before leaving the room, hearing him hop off the bed to follow me.

By this time he knew something was up and no amount of cuddles were going to get him to leave my side. Admitting defeat, I grabbed the two biggest pillow off the couch and headed up the ladder with him tucked under my arm. The two pillows were then shoved in the gap between the ladder and the wall so he wouldn't accidentally fall down, and then I finally began to work.

When you are a mother... all your free time goes out the window I suppose.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

RUFF Dogs are looking for you!

Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends
1003 Hwy 173 Graceville, FL 32440
(850) 863-7833

Retriever, Labrador/Mix 

Meet Buster. What an awesome guy. He loves to play. Will fetch as long as you can keep up. But don't let that fool you. He can be a couch potatoe just as well as the active pal. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, then stop by and visit this goodlooking guy. He won't disappoint you.

Retriever, Labrador/Mix 

Hello, my name is Auburn. I was found wandering around right off of Hwy 98. For those of you who know Hwy 98 you understand how lucky I was that someone found me before I was out in the road. That nice person brought me to RUFF, he truly was my angel. I had Demodex mange when I was brought in, this has been treated and I am doing much better. Although, this is not contagious to other dogs, it caused hair loss and itching for me. RUFF has been very good to me, however I would love to have a forever home of my own.

Pug/Chihuahua, Short Coat 

I don't have a story... will you start one with me by bringing me home?


Skudder came to us as a tiny pup who would fit in your hand. He was near death from starvation and mange. Within two months he was healthy and beautiful. He is a precious loving dog and a bit shy at first when he meets you. He loves to play with other dogs and likes people. He will melt your heart. He has NEVER used the bathroom in his kennel and only goes outside in the outside run even when he fit in your hand. He is a very smart pup. He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and heartworm free. He is very gentle and is an inside pup.

Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix 

I don't have a story... will you start one with me by bringing me home?

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Work of our Hands - Labor Day 2014

Happy Labor Day! Finally a Monday that isn't quite so dreadful. Kick off your shoes, make yourself a cup of coffee and relax from all the work you've done this year. Every job is important, from the Cashier at the superstore to the Doctor preforming surgery in the hospital. Labor Day is a day to celebrate how you've contributed to the growth of your local community and our country as a whole.

I found this poem online today as I was browsing through the many posts on my social media and I wanted to share it. It's simple but maybe that's why I like it. Labor Day isn't really a complicated holiday, it just gives American's a day to themselves.

Happy Labor Day!! ~ Penny Pinscher!