Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Fairy or Pixie Dust

So as I was surfing the web for cute craft ideas to do with my two little girls, I stumbled upon this recipe for the elusive and magical fairy dust of Pixie Hollow... or at least that's what the girls are calling it.

The recipe is quite simple and all the materials can be found at your local walmart or craft store.

You will need...

Glowsticks (pink or white preferable)
Diamond Glitter
Hot glue gun

Take your jar and pour some of your diamond glitter to about a third of the way full. Then take your scissors and cut off the end of your Glowsticks.

Pour in the liquid and then super glue the lid of your jar shut. (Safety first!) Shake it up really well and you have Pixie dust!

I haven't tried this craft yet with the girls but they're really excited to make it themselves. Have a magical weekend!

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