Monday, January 28, 2008

Carnival of Personal Finance #137 is Live & Penny Pinscher Has Been Included!

Thanks to The Dividend Guy for including my post on Redneck Economics in his latest Carnival, under the "Passion for Frugality" section.

To those unfamiliar with what an online Carnival is (which was me up until last week) it's basically a collection of someone's favorite recent blog posts put together, usually with a theme and comments - sort of like an ezine. Please click over to read all the great posts The Dividend Guy found this week, and be sure to leave a comment here! Thanks Jeremy (a.k.a. The Dividend Guy) for a fantastic carnival experience!

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Mary T said...

I loved that post too! I included a link to it on a post at my own blog. I just thought it was a stitch--and food for thought as well. :) Mary t