Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Saturday Summary

Wow! What an AWESOME week for deals! Here's my son giving me his approval for my new hobby - CVSing. This is my third deal ever, and I was able to 'purchase' these items (originally rang up at $21) for FREE, plus I get a $13 rebate and I have $12 ECBs to use on my next deal. If you don't know what CVSing is, read all about it at Crystal's Money Saving Moms blog. She's a pro, and that's where I'm learning it from.

In addition, I managed to score three bottles of Garnier Fructis shampoo for $1.61 (CVSing again!), got the free peanut butter at Walmart, and found a bale of hay on the side of the road. I needed the hay for my chicken coop.

I also managed to fufill one of my personal goals - to pay completely for my once a month chicken food run with my once a month recycling run. The cans and metal I brought in added up to $27.03! That completely paid for the chicken's food, bought my daughter a celebratory snack and paid for 5 lbs of sugar.

My final good deal of the week (and WHAT a good week it's been:) was on Christmas goodies for next year. At one store I found full size bottles of gel and body butters on clearance. The all had holiday smells, like Hot Fudge or Sugar Cookie. I got them for .25 each! There were also packages of lip glosses and soaps - all for .25 each. I came out with 4 bags of goodies and paid $5! Next year my teen girl will have really cute gifts to share with her friends and then some.

It has been a GREAT start to 2008!


Pam said...

Hey! I'm here via Money Saving Mom! Good job on your savings this week! I love to see what other people got.

It looks like you are new to blogging. Welcome! We are digging our way out of debt too, using the Dave Ramsey plan. Lord willing, we will soon be debt-free except the mortgage. You can do it!

angelcat said...


We were doing Dave Ramsey also until the remodeling hammered all our wisdom out the door. We are recovering and coming back, though, and are much wiser for the experience (we hope!)

Congrats on being nearly there! :)

Mom2fur said...

Good job! I just love those after-holiday clearance sales, don't you? I have some cute soaps I'll put away for next year--I just have to put them someplace they won't melt. Definitely not in the attic with my Christmas decorations, LOL!