Saturday, March 1, 2008

Super Saving Saturday

Wow! Each Saturday seems to come sooner then the last. I also have a hard time believing it's March already! Whew! Someone slow down the clock...

Anyway, it's the blogospere's weekly show & tell - what good deals did we all get this week? Here's mine from the beginning of the week. Unfortunately it has been a crazy week so I misplaced my reciept for all this, but I do remember the photos were almost $20 saved alone. I spent around $10 for the rest, which of course was reimbursed in ECB's, making it free. I was also able to take advantage of the cereal for .26 a box, free Glen Muir organic tomatoes (with about .20 overage) and the free Johnson's Buddies Soap. I just didn't take a photo of it all. Next week I'll be more organized - this week I was just trying to survive. ;)
So it was a pretty good week for savings. I estimate I probably spent maybe $15 and brought home at least $60 worth of stuff that I'll use. See ya'll next week!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I did the photos deal too and forgot to include it in my thing. Great job!

Mary T said...

Good going! I actually skipped my weekly shop this week, I may pick up a few things at aldi and at the drugstore later, but I didn't need much and wanted to use my $$ to go to the big home and garden show instead, and to make a gift for my mom in law's b-day. I love that I have a pantry and freezer full so I can do this sometimes.I skip shopping about one week a month.