Friday, March 28, 2008

Super Saving Saturday

That time again, and I can't believe I've only made one post this week! It has been really busy around here with preparing for spring break, baseball, my older son recieved his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts, a talent show audition, school dance, a teen age boyfriend break up... TGIF!

As far as shopping is concerned, I didn't do much. At first I was disappointed that I didn't have that much to report. Then it occurred to me that not shopping made this a REALLY Super Saving Saturday. Sometimes I think I'm caught in this treadmill of aquiring more things. Eventually enough is enough. Even if something is absolutely free, it still cost me time and gas to go get it. Just something I've started to ponder - is this item worth my time and gas?

That being said, I did wind up finding a great sale on clothes. I took a $50 pressure cooker back to the store and recieved a credit due to a lost receipt. I needed printer ink anyway, but then found all these boy clothes at 75% off. Among other things I bought a tank top for $1.50, basketball shorts for $4.49, a wonderful chenille hoodie (for me!) for $4.50, and Pantene for $1.88. I also bought discount Easter treats and my printer ink. I paid $25.01 out of pocket. I also used the $50 credit.

All in all, I think I'm starting to like "unshopping". Lately when I "need" something I've been realizing that I can do without it. Maybe next Saturday I won't have anything to report at all, then it will really be a Super Saving Saturday.

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