Friday, March 21, 2008

Super Saving Saturday

All this for $1.03! And later on another CVS trip was .79 and netted MORE soap and two boxes of chocolate. What a week!
This has been a fun week for freebies and rebates. The week started with getting a free tank top from Aeropostale - just bring in a printed homepage from and you can get one too.

We were at the mall for my son's Pinewood Derby race (he won first place in the district, not that I'm proud or anything;) so we did some returns while there. I actually left the mall with more money then when I arrived - that's got to be a record!

Later in the week I loaded up on free soaps and shampoos (CVS had trial sizes of Johnson's Baby shampoo) and am now fully stocked for awhile on the Buddies soaps. My kids love them - even my 14 year old. My CVS trips ended with getting the Pot O' Gold boxes of chocolate (teacher's gifts!) for free with $5 ECBs still in my pocket. Johnson's also sent me two more $2/2 coupons in the mail - 4 more free soaps! :)

If that weren't enough I had an amazing thrift store trip. I found everything I needed in less then 10 minutes and spent $20. This included a pair of like new Nike Airs for $5. My son had just informed me that morning that he had just outgrown his old shoes. To top it off, the cashier gave me a senior citizen's discount! My son laughed and said I should be insulted, but I told him a discount is a discount - I don't care what it's called. ;)

Then all the rebates and freebies started coming in - about $67 in rebates. And the cherry on top? I was offered a small housecleaning job for an extra $40 (that's almost a tank of gas!).

It was a happy week.


Anonymous said...

Great job saving money. I love thrift stores, I am hoping to stop by one today...
Have a great week.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great deals girl!

My Blog on Saving Money
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Mary T said...

'almost a tank of gas' that's funny. I work 3 days a week right now, it used to be groceries. last week it cost me $50 to fill my tank!! Which means I now sadly probably work for a little less than groceries. :( gotta figure out some more little tricks I guess. ;)