Friday, February 8, 2008

Emerald Coast Dollar Diva is Live!

What do you do with all the great deals you find out about that are only for your local area? You publish a new blog just for them! So, just for my friends in the Emerald Coast area (say, Panama City to Pensacola) here's a blog just for you. It's truly your blog, so be sure to send me all the great deals you find out about and I will share them. Some of the things I'm looking for are:
  • Area artists and businesses
  • Great thrift shop sales
  • Grocery deals for Food World, Albertsons, Winn Dixie, etc.
  • Drugstore deals from Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS
  • Mall deals and sales
  • Local good stuff, like where the pecans and blueberries are and when they're in season
  • Garage sales
  • Events, like Cub Scout car washes, bake sales, etc.

So send in the info asap! There's already some posts up!

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