Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let the Hunt Begin!

On your mark, get set... go!

You now have until Saturday the 23rd to find answers to the following 20 questions. When you think you have all the answers, publish them on your blog or website and then put the link to it on Mr. Linky at the end. If you don't have a site, then you can email it to me, but I'd rather see it up on your site so I can come visit. All answers are hidden within my two blogs, Penny Pinscher and Emerald Coast Dollar Diva.

The first correct and complete entry gets the prize. All entries will be tabulated next Saturday. The prize is a beautiful blue leatherette coupon organizor with coupons plus a $5 Krispy Kreme gift certificate (thanks Ms. Rosie for donating the Krispy Kremes!)

Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!

Here's the list...

  1. What color was the original Penny Pinscher?
  2. Who makes the Penny Pinscher films on the site?
  3. Who was our first Giveaway winner?
  4. How much was organic milk in one post?
  5. What kind of class do I sometimes teach?
  6. What time does Junkyard Dog Thrift Store close?
  7. What is Cluckingham Palace?
  8. When did I fall off the bandwagon?
  9. What does a ‘warsher’ kill?
  10. What’s The Dividend Guy’s first name?
  11. What does my recycled can money go for?
  12. Where did my reading room furniture come from?
  13. How much do I usually pay for bread?
  14. How many AA batteries are inside a regular 6 volt lamp battery?
  15. What humble freebie created a glamorous border?
  16. What are the best chocolate covered cherries?
  17. Where was my camera left?
  18. If I were rich I’d buy…
  19. What’s my favorite holiday?
  20. What does my older son call me?

1 comment:

Audra Marie said...

That was fun and a little challenging lol. I love your blog! I had fun reading ALL of the posts lol.

We have a lot of debt to lose this year, too. It's overwhelming and I'm not sure where to start.