Saturday, February 23, 2008

Super Saving Saturday

Grand Total? $13.88

That time already? Seems like this week flew by in a blur of coughing, rushing and...coughing. To answer Crystal over at Money Saving Mom's weekly question, here's my good deals this week. Just in case you wonder why I buy so much candy - I donate it to my school to be used for prizes. I try not to buy it at all for home, but it does slip in sometimes....

2 Bags of Wonka Mix Ups for .87 each
1 Bag 3 Musketeer Cherry Minis .87
1 Bag Hershey Kisses Trio .87
3 boxes Nerds Card & Candy Valentine kits .62 each
Valentine Ribbon Hair Scrunchies .72
Valentine Hair Bands .72
Love Coupons .50
Reach Dental Floss .20 (.95 minus .75 coupon)
Large Box of Godiva Chocolate for $6.50

My favorite find this week? The Godiva, of course! It was nice to find it at a price that made me glad to share it. I was able to introduce one of the neighbor girls to the nuances of fine chocolate, as well as have a choco feast with my kids and sis-in-law. We were all getting way too skinny anyway! ;)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean....I can't seem to get enough fat into my diet either! (eyes rolling)

Great, now I want chocolate, and I don't have any!!

penny pinscher said...

Oh Oh! Now you got me started - and all my chocolate is gone! Wait... I think I have Christmas M&Ms left... :)