Friday, September 12, 2014

Moving Day...

I'm to tired to get into the details of the last week, but on Monday I actually made the move from Florida to Illinois. I'm absolutely exhausted and everyone in my family is calling constantly to try and find out any news.

First thing I have to say is that driving across the country (or at least that's how it felt) ... is terrible. I've never driven farther than a 2 hour trip in my life and the drive I just finished was a whopping 14 hours. There was everything from fog to big cities, traffic jams to crazy drivers. I actually have blisters on my fingers from gripping the steering wheel so hard during my drive.

I left during the middle of the night so my little dachshund, Tobi, would sleep during the drive... and honestly I didn't think I would be able to get any sleep myself with how anxious I was to get the trip started. I was armed with a 4-pack of refrigerated coffee and crispy sushi-seaweed paper to keep me awake. Why crispy seaweed paper? Well my mother didn't want me to eat nuts or candy because she was worried I would have a sugar crash - So naturally the only option was Japanese seaweed squares. Yum!

Besides getting lost in Nashville and turned completely around in Kentucky, I think I made it alright and apparently made good time. If there's one thing I want to say about Illinois though, it's fricken freezing!

Right now in my little town back home, it's 80 degrees - Here in Illinois it's 50 and expected to go down as the night progresses. I come from a land where the temperature gage doesn't read below 70 degrees!

So now I'm exhausted and ready to pass out... so begins a new chapter of my and my little dog's life here in Illinois. I miss my family so much but I feel like this is the path I was supposed to follow. One day I might return to Florida, only time will tell.

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