Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When you are a mother...

After several complaints from my husband, I finally moved my office up into the loft. I have a problem with working late nights and my pitter-patter on the keyboard keeps him awake. Tonight was my first night in the "new" office and I excitedly began what I had hoped would be a efficient night of no interruptions.

However, less than five minutes of climbing the ladder and turning on my computer... I hear a soft whimpering sound coming from the world below me. I peek over the edge to see our miniature dachshund, Tobi, frantically walking in circles in front of the ladder.

He wasn't being very loud, so I took a deep breath and told myself he would calm down in a few minutes... back to working. Five more minutes passed and I heard a squeaking noise, he now had his paws up on the first step of the ladder and he was looking helplessly up at the loft. "Give him a few more minutes and he'll be fine..." I told myself once again.

I let this continue for about another ten minutes before I finally gave up and climbed down the ladder. Immediately he started darting about the house like I had been gone for days, hopping up and down off the couch and skidding off into my room. I followed him before scooping him up in my arms. He got cuddles and coos before I tucked him into bed alongside my husband, laying the comforter over him as he liked to burrow.

I waited in silence for him to lay down before a little head popped up from underneath the blankets, curious eyes watching to see if I was also going to bed. I shook my head before laying the covers over him again only to have him pop out again, this time putting his paws up on my legs as if he were trying to tug me down. I tucked him in again before leaving the room, hearing him hop off the bed to follow me.

By this time he knew something was up and no amount of cuddles were going to get him to leave my side. Admitting defeat, I grabbed the two biggest pillow off the couch and headed up the ladder with him tucked under my arm. The two pillows were then shoved in the gap between the ladder and the wall so he wouldn't accidentally fall down, and then I finally began to work.

When you are a mother... all your free time goes out the window I suppose.

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