Sunday, September 7, 2014

Safety First!

'Really Mom?'

In case you haven't heard the horror stories about the highway known as "Bloody 98", we can just say that I live on a busy road. So busy in fact that my insurance jumped nearly $50 more a month after letting them know I moved. I have to drive down this road nearly every day, sometimes several times a day to work, shop and more importantly, take my little dog to all his appointments.

A lot of dogs spend most of their time at home, but Tobi is a very busy dog. He has trips to the vet, dates at the dog park or to visit my mother's dogs and even bi-weekly trips to the groomers to keep him smelling fresh and clean. However, all these trips take him down the dreaded "Bloody 98" where I pass a terrible car wreck at least once a day. Suddenly safety had become an issue for my little dachshund.

So while I was in the store one day, I spotted a "Doggy Seatbelt Harness". I honestly didn't know they existed before that day but I was willing to give it a shot. Well today I got to put the harness into action and it was pretty hilarious.

My dog just laid there like I was putting some terrible device on him that kept him from hopping in the front seat. He kept giving me this look like "Really mom? Is this even necessary?". I couldn't help but to burst out laughing when I finally got it secured on him and all he could do was flop over like he had been abused.

Although, driving with it had been a relief. I always worried about him when we did our doggy errands but now at least he was a little safer. The harness was padded and secured to the seatbelt so that if we went flying, he was tethered to something short and safe.

One more worry off my list!

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