Monday, September 22, 2014

Paws in the Park

Yesterday Tobi and I got to go to the 11th annual festival in Greensville, IL called "Paws in the Park". There were dogs EVERYWHERE! My little dachshund is very friendly and not to long after we arrived, he was tugging me every which way trying to say hello.

Sadly we got there shortly after they stopped taking registrations for the contests, but we still had fun. (I still think Tobi would've won "Best Kisser") I took my friend's kids to get their faces painted, Tobi got a $10 nail clipping and they even gave Tobi a tattoo on his butt! He was scared at first because the spray they used to put on the tattoo reminded him of his squirt bottle at home, but with a little encouragement from the kids, he was loving it!

I think it turned out awesome!~

Afterwards I took my friend's kids to Edwardsville, IL to go lazer tagging and wander around the shopping mall with their friends before heading home. All in all, I say it was a successful outing.

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