Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tobi, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

So last week I made the long trip from Florida to Illinois with my little dog, Tobi and what an experience that has been. Although when I was moving, I really only accounted for how much it was going to cost me to get up to Illinois... not how I was going to survive without a job when I got here.

The first rule to survival is you have to eat - So off to Publix I went. Luckily for me, Publix had some crazy coupons going around as part of their Flavor Excursion display. A lot of the coupons were for things I already loved to eat and so the savings began.

When I finished shopping - I couldn't believe it ---

I saved a $1 off Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrée
I got Green Giant Frozen Bag Steamers on sale
I saved $2 off my KRAFT Natural Chunk Cheeses
And another $2 off Publix® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
I also saved $1 off four cans of Chef Boyardee® canned pasta

Do you know what that means? I was going to have a feast tonight! I ate the Old El Paso for lunch but with the rest I made a nice meal of fried potatoes with chicken and Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes, topped with KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese - Yum!

This is going to be so tasty!

I couldn't believe it when I walked out of the store with a cartload of groceries and nearly half the cost! That's one less worry off my checklist as I begin my grand adventure into The Prairie State.

Be on the lookout for these exclusive savings at Publix starting September 11:

In-Store Savings

Coupons available in-store, look for the Flavor Excursion display with products at your local Publix. Display will be available in most stores between 9/11 and 9/24. Savings available with coupons:

•Save $2 off Publix® Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts when you buy Any Four (4) participating products. Participating products: Progresso™ Bread Crumbs, 100% Natural Broths, Beans, KRAFT Salad Dressing (16oz), Natural Shredded Cheese (6-8oz), Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz or larger).

•Save $2 off Produce (minimum $2 purchase) when you buy Any Four (4) participating products*. Participating products: Old El Paso™ Seasoning Mixes, Enchilada Sauce, Refried Beans, Taco Shells, Ro*Tel® (10oz or larger), Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz or larger), KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese (6-8oz

•Save $1.00 off Any Five (5) Ro*Tel® Tomatoes (10oz)

•Save $2.00 off Any Two (2) KRAFT Natural Chunk Cheese 7-8 oz

•Save $1.00 off Any Five (5) Hunt’s® Tomatoes 14.5oz

•Save $1.00 off Any One (1) Bisquick™ 40oz

•Save $1.00 off Any One (1) Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrée

•Save $2.00 off Any Two (2) KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese 6-8oz

Looking for an Italian themed dessert? Try Crème Brulèe Cheesecake Bars, find the recipe and a $1.50 off any two Betty Crocker pouch Cookie Mixes coupon on the Betty Crocker display in-store.

Plus… find these items on sale this week. No coupon necessary, available at Publix:

•Green Giant Frozen Bag Steamers 11-12oz on BOGO

•Pillsbury Crescents and Pizza 3 for $6

Printable Coupons

Visit www.ReadyPlanSave.com to print your coupons. Available while supplies last.

•Save $1 when you buy FOUR Progresso™ products

•Save $1 when you buy THREE Old El Paso™ products

•Save 75¢ when you buy ONE BOX Old El Paso® Bold Nacho Cheese Flavored Stand 'N Stuff® Taco Shells OR Dinner Kit

•Save $0.50 when you buy ONE 20 OZ. OR LARGER Original Bisquick® OR Bisquick Heart Smart® Baking Mix

•Save $0.60 when you buy THREE any variety Green Giant® Seasoned Steamers™ or Valley Fresh Steamers® Frozen Vegetables.

•Save $0.40 when you buy any TWO Pillsbury® Crescent Dinner Rolls

•Save $0.40 when you buy THREE CANS any size/variety Pillsbury® Refrigerated Grands!® or Grands! Jr.® Biscuits

•Save $1 when you buy any flavor or variety of Old el Paso™ Froze Entrees

Digital Coupons

Visit, https://publix.couponselectionpage.com/offers/all, to find and instantly select digital coupons. Including the following from ConAgra. Available while supplies last.

•Save $0.40 off any TWO (2) ROTEL® products

•Save $1 on any FOUR (4) Chef Boyardee® canned pasta or microwave cup

•Save $1 on any ONE (1) Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet® Popping Corn (6-pk or larger)

•Save $0.50 on any ONE (1) Super Snack Pack® 6 pack

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

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