Monday, September 15, 2014

My Magical Room

So the crazy thing about houses in Illinois, is they are built down not up. Instead of two story houses, the two story house is flipped upside down with stairs leading underground rather than up. That's a horrible explanation but we could just say everyone lives one floor under the ground.

They do this because when Tornadoes roll through, you're safe even if your sleeping in your bed. So really the only part of the house that's above ground is the kitchen, living room and one bathroom. I actually have a window with metal around it to keep the grass and dirt from falling over and blocking out the sunshine. I'll just show you...

But if that wasn't crazy enough, my entire room is pink... and filled with Harry Potter stuff! Yep, I'm living in an underground pink Harry Potter room... and I feel magical. My friend, Amy, is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and used to use this room to store her massive Harry Potter collection. Most of it has been moved to other rooms but I still have maps and magical paintings hanging all over my wall accented with dragons and three-headed dogs.

Excuse the mess... I'm still moving in.

After the trip I've had, I literally feel like I'm in Hogwarts. Being so far away from everything I've ever known has really been a magical experience for me... hopefully, though, I won't have any run-ins with Basilisks and Dementors during my journey.

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