Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How To Make Italian Cream Soda "Books-A-Million Style"

Yesterday I found myself browsing the wares of a Books-A-Million in another city an hour away from home. Why is this important? Well the Books-A-Million close to my home doesn't feature a Joe Mugs Cafe with such a wide selection of drinks.

Now the reason I found myself so far from home in the first place is that I had agreed to take my younger brother on a date at the mall. Mother had been booked up at work and he offered gas money, so how could I say no to love?

So I sat in the nearby Books-A-Million, staring up at the drink selection, as I tried to kill time until he called for a pickup. I finally decided on what would soon be my most favorite drink ever - Italian Cream Soda with Irish Cream as my flavoring.

Delicious! Creamy and yet refreshing at the same time. I quickly found myself finishing it and ordering another. How had I not heard of this before?

Lucky for me, the cafe prepared its drinks in an open bar so I could memorize her methods to attempt making this drink at home.


2 Cups
Irish Cream (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic)
Shasta Club Soda

Take your cup and fill it with ice.

Then take your Irish cream and fill up the cup until the fill line would be equal to the first digit of your right hand if it were pressed against the cup. (These were complex measurements that she performed.)

Next fill the cup with cream about double the amount of Irish cream.

Then take your Shasta Club Soda and fill your cup up the rest of the way. (Hope you grabbed a tall glass)

Finally take your second cup and pour the drink mixture back and forth until it turns a champagne color, sort of a creamy white.

Now I think I'll go have a glass! Enjoy!

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Gram said...

Yum...I must try this one. Thanks.