Friday, August 29, 2014

Who needs TV when you have Pets

My dog, Tobi, is a bit of an only child in our home. He plays with his toys by himself, goes on walks by himself and doesn't have to worry about other dogs trying to eat his food. Socializing is important in a dog's life though and one mommy can't replace the company of another furry friend.

Because of this, I try to take Tobi with me whenever I visit my mom. She has two dogs of her own (both twice the size of my miniature dachshund) and those three have a blast together. Her two, Dante & Chief, will usually start wrestling on the floor with Tobi trying to wiggle between them and nip at their ankles.

One time I was walking down the hallway of her house to suddenly be nearly knocked over by the three dogs racing each other. As they bolted down the hallway, I saw Chief try to leap over Tobi to gain the lead. Dante wasn't about to have that though and reached out to grab Chief's leg in his mouth to stop him... all while they were still running.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as I watched Chief get thrown to the ground... right on top of Tobi and in a giant rolling ball of dog, I watched all three of them crash into a wall. They weren't hurt or anything, on the contrary. Tobi immediately hopped up to let his concerns be known with a squeaking noise, Chief bolted out the doggy door to win the race and Dante tumbled after him. Who needs TV when you have pets?

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