Monday, August 25, 2014

The importance of “Looking Good”

Don’t misunderstand my title – None of us are super models. But there is some importance to keeping up with your appearance. Buying yourself a new shirt every now and then will have your whole wardrobe feeling fresh.

We all have those days where we might’ve slept in late and had to rush off to work without our morning shower. Heck, we’ve all had those days where some of our food spilled (or was thrown - *Cough* toddlers.) on our favorite white blouse and we know that stain isn’t coming out!

Those days we feel especially crummy and everything seems to go wrong; you miss your important phone call, you get splashed with water while trying to grab the mail… literally everything.

But the days where we’re looking good, (and we know it) those turn out to be some of the best days! So do your hair up differently, maybe even dye it – take some extra time to do your makeup or start moisturizing your hands with that wonderful smelling lotion your friend recommended.  Even the little things can brighten up your day and we all know a beautiful attitude is the first step to a beautiful life.

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