Monday, August 4, 2014

"The Rep laughed and hung up on me." - My HORRIBLE AT&T Experience

I'm not even sure how to start this one... honestly I never thought service with such a well known company could ever be so terrible.

I called on the 25th of July to get internet service for our new apartment. Hold times were a bit annoying but that's the usual with any service. After getting to speak with a representative I was put into a no-contract plan (Trust me, she tried really hard to put me into that contract.) for DSL internet.

She gave me little to no information over the phone, saying it would be emailed to me and said I'd get my internet modem sent to me on the 30th and my service would start on the 31st.

I was excited at first, thinking previously that the only internet provider in my area was the infamous mediacom and it's 1.2 online star rating, but that enthusiasm began to fizzle out when I checked the front office for a package on the 30th... nothing.

I waited and checked again on the 31st before I finally called the AT&T customer service line. After a string of holds and transfers taking around 2 hours, (Apparently the order number that was emailed to me didn't exist) I was told that there was a small mixup with my order and my internet boxes would be here on the 2nd.

No big deal, right? Until on the second when my boxes had yet to arrive and I found myself calling AT&T's customer support AGAIN. More transfers, holds and promises of callbacks with one representative actually laughing and hanging up on me (Yeah! SERIOUSLY?)

When I finally got through to a person who spoke English, I was told that there were no boxes coming at all. My order had been put on hold to wait for a technician to come out and run a line - BUT no technician had ever gotten an order to be sent out. Both the representative and I were completely baffled and I was told to call back on Monday to get a technician sent out there since they were now closing. (Since the many transfers and holds had pushed me past their business hours.)

Monday comes and I still have a shred of hope that the problem will resolve itself. That shred was squashed after the first person their customer service line put me in touch with said that my bill started on the 31st and my service was completely fine. She didn't seem to be able to understand that I had NO AT&T MODEM to use MY INTERNET.

And so began the transfers and holds while we attempted to get to an English speaking representative who might understand what the word "internet" means.

I was on my final straw when the last woman told me that in order to fix my service I would have to start the whole process over again and re-run my credit. She asked for my social and after how unprofessionally they had handled everything else I told her just to cancel the order completely.

Another transfer to a woman who tried to con me into keeping my service but I was done talking. I told her you better wipe your systems clean of my name because if I get a bill in the mail from AT&T I'm going to flip. Within seconds she told me my service was cancelled and the nightmare was over... I hope.

Now I think I will call Mediacom and admit defeat - 1.2 star service is better than .5 star service which is what I'd rate AT&T at.

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Mema said...

So sorry you had so much trouble. Lots of love Mema