Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why do I write?

My mother made a promise to herself when she started blogging, “I will post once a day, every day.” She then went on to publish several books starting with End of Mae and No Money Marketing: All You Need is Like, as well as the popular blog I don’t claim to be my mother… or anywhere close. She is an amazing and unique woman with a passion for writing.

I’m not a writer, just a kid who writes.

So why do I write? I’m not hoping to get famous or publish any books. I think I realized it today as I was taking the trash out to the dumpster (Which is a very inspirational moment) I write because I crave that stability that it provides my life.

I live in a world with fast cars, fast money and temporary homes. People come and go in my life and I’m never in one spot for more than a few months. Writing on this blog has become the only stable thing I have. I don’t post on here religiously, every day… but it’s the consistent routine of jotting down a sloppily written post about an experience or thought that helps provide some calm.

You could say blogging is my cigarette and I’m a stress smoker.

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