Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Milestone: 100 Blog Posts!

100 posts and seven years ago, my mother started this blog to share her frugal experiments and savings tips with the world. No one knew at the time, not even her, that this small blog would help set her on track for the career she has today... Assistant Editor, Author and Part-Time Blogger.

When my mom began blogging in 2007, it was a hobby. She always loved writing but with her kids being a full-time job, it was often put on the back burner for things like soccer games and school field trips.

This post is the one draft and yesterday's post was 'Scheduled'

The Original 'Penny Pinscher'

With the help of our dog, Penny the Doberman Pinscher, she began to reach for what she truly enjoyed... writing. Her blog posts were featured on websites and in news articles, eventually prompting her to start the blog When she let this blog go, her daughter (me!) picked it back up three years later and I'm here to stay.

I will never be the great writer my mother is, but hopefully I to will have interesting stories to share and helpful tips to give in the coming future. Congratulations Penny Pinscher on making it to 100 blog posts!

Blast from the Past
Pictures from posts over the years.

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