Monday, August 11, 2014

The Case of the Missing Squeaky Toy!

My dog’s absolute favorite chew toy would have to be this little blue loofah dog (Shaped like a dachshund of course!) with a squeaker right in the center. He proudly carried this loofah dog all over the house and buried it under the most special of couch cushions. I know this is my dog’s favorite chew toy because one day he had torn off the head… and I threw it away.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time. He has tons of toys, some even like his loofah dog, but that toy was special. I didn’t notice at first, but he started wandering around the house over the next couple days; sniffing and digging as if he were looking for something.

He searched under the couch cushions… He searched in the closet… He searched in the laundry pile…
But what was he searching for? Finally he flopped down onto the couch with the most distraught look on his face… that’s when it dawned on me. That was days ago though, and that little loofah dog was long gone in trash land somewhere. You can’t tell a dog that though, so I had to come up with a plan.

It was simple really… just go to the store and buy him a new one. Except when I returned to Walmart the next day, they had a completely different set of dog toys out for sale.

I asked one of the saleswomen if she knew when that toy would be returning or if there were some in the back but she only shrugged her shoulders. “Products come and go… for all we know it could be a discontinued toy.” Well I was a mommy on a mission and I had a sad puppy dog to go home too if I failed.
I set out then, checking all the local retail and pet stores in the area to ask if they had a little blue loofah dog in stock. My friends thought I was nuts when they texted me later that day to ask what I was up to, but they didn’t know the power of the puppy eyes. Finally one of my friends texted me a link to an listing… Ta Da! She had found it!

Within a couple days my dachshund was bouncing around happily with his BRAND NEW loofah dog! (Which makes it so much better) Hooray for happy endings J

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